Academy of Science “AOS” with the WSSP

JP Stevens HS                    

Since 2009 AOS has been devoted to performing novel genetic research with Rutgers and specifically under the auspice of the Waksman Student Scholars Program WSSP.

2023/24 Applications:

Rutgers Application for the SUMMER 2023 Waksman Student Scholar Program (WSSP) *Note: ONE JPS students (not freshmen) are accepted by this Rutgers Program and this is separate from the rising senior (that must be in Jones’ AP Bio) we accept as “Lead Student Scientist”.

Fall 2023/24 in School JPSAOS WSSP (only for rising 10th and 11th Graders) *Online Form Only*

Returning Member of AOS (WSSP) *Online Form Only*

“LSS” Lead Student Scientists will be decided by Mr. Jones in Late Summer/Early Fall.

Requirement to be an LSS:

1)    Enrollment in AP Bio as a Senior

2)    Must have published one cDNA clone as a WSSP member

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